DROP OFF SHARPENING SERVICE for knives and scissors in Jacksonville Beach

Most people drop off the items to be sharpen at our Jacksonville Beach location. You can drop them off and come back at a pre arranged time or if you have, just  few items, you may be able to wait for them. Since I am sometimes on the road, please give us a call so I can be there when you want to come by.


​You can use Shear Biz sharpening service for knives and scissors If you do not live in the Jacksonville, Fl area. You can always mail your tools to Shear Biz in Jacksonville Beach and they will be returned to you within 48 hours. If they will fit in a small priority mail box the charges with be $8.00 plus insurance. I fit is a larger order we will contact you with those charges. Please include all your contact information in your shipping package.


We no longer offer mobile service due to health concerns.

Address: Click on this link 

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Sharpening Service For Knives And Scissors in Jacksonville Beach